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Farmi Winches for Skid Steers

Farmi five year clutch warranty
  • Attach using a universal type quick attach skid steer plate and a hydraulic line
  • High pulling efficiency
  • User friendly
  • Reliable and sturdy clutch - 5 year clutch warranty
  • Optimal cable spooling device
  • Drum overrun brake
  • Top safety level
  • Long life

Farmi Models available:

  • JL351 PHD
  • JL 501 HD

Farmi Skid Steer Winch Specs:

Technical Information JL351 PHD JL501 HD
Height 77 1/2" 94"
Width 48" 55"
Shipping Weight 750 lbs 950 lbs
Pulling Capacity 7720 lbs 11025 lbs
Drum Capacity 165 ft of 3/8" cable 165 ft of 1/2" cable
Winching Speed 40-200 ft/min 60-300 ft/min
Clutch Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
Mounting Universal Skid Steer Attaching Plate
Manufacturer reserves right to make changes in specifications.

Farmi JL351 PHD skid steer winch Farmi JL501 PHD skid steer winch