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Processing firewood into dump truck

Farmi WP 30 & 36 CS Wood Processors

Farmi WP 30 wood splitter folded

The Farmi Mastersplit WP 30 CS and WP 36 CS are the firewood processors for producing top-quality firewood with greater safety, efficiency, and ease. Farmi Mastersplit's unique patented feeding platform makes the job easier and faster. You simply operate the cross-cutting lever and the stem moves along on the feeding platform. The V-shaped feeding platform keeps the tree stems in place during processing and is standard equipment on all models.

Firewood Processor Advantages:

  • Cross cutting is done lightly and quietly by a hydraulic chainsaw.
  • Chainsaw only runs when cutting.
  • Splitting is done hydraulically into 2 or 4 parts. Optional blade available for splitting into 6 pieces.
  • Splitting is increased by over 40% when using the rapid action function.
  • An optional hydraulic lifter lifts the stems from the pile on to the feeding platform for processing for less back and arm strain.

Farmi Mastersplit WP30CS and WP36CS Firewood Processor Specs:

Technical Information WP 30 CS WP 36 CS
Cross Cutting by Chainsaw 13" 15"
Drive of Chainsaw Hydraulic Hydraulic
Splitting Force, max. tons 5.6 7
Splitting Cycle Speed: normal/rapid movement 2.4/1.6 sec 1.5/1.0 sec
Stem Diameter 12" max 14" max
Length of Split Wood 24" max 24" max
Conveyor Belt Width 9.4" 9.4"
Conveyor Length 13 ft 13 ft
Drive of Conveyor Hydraulic Hydraulic
Weight 990 lbs 1144 lbs
Power Requirement 15 PTO HP 15 PTO HP
Transportation Width/Height, feet 8.5/8 7.5/7.4
Power Source - Tractor PTO or gas engine
Manufacturer reserves right to make changes in specifications.
Farmi WP 30 wood splitter


firewood processor cut log firewood processor splitting Farmi Optional Woodsplitter Log Lifter Farmi Optional Woodsplitter Log Lifter