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Valby Skidding Grapples for Tractors

Valby grapple

Convert your tractor into a productive forest machine. The ruggedness of the grapple enables multiple tree-length stems to be skidded out at one time along with lifting clear off the ground: small stems, stacks of pulpwood, brush, slabs. This keeps the material clean and transfers the weight of the material to the rear tires for added traction. The skidding grapple is your best choice of machine if you work on dry, flat terrain and you have a large tractor with sufficient front-end weights.

The Valby SGR76 Tractor Grapple is unique in that it has a double jaw on one side and a single jaw on the other. As the grapple closes, the single jaw intermeshes with the double jaw. On both models, the form of the bypass grapple provides for easy "roll-in" of the logs. The logs are then held firmly in place because the load is supported from all directions by the bypass jaws.

Additional Advantages:

  • Attach using the 3-point hitch of a 20-100 HP tractor
  • Every joint has a grease fitting
  • Each grapple has a parking stand which enables easy hook up and removal of the machine
  • Has a hinge point that is close to the tractor allowing the tractor to turn more sharply

Valby SGR Skidding Grapple Models available:

Model Max Gripping Width Weight Working Pressure Tractor HP
SGR48 48" 220 lbs. 2900 psi 20-50 HP
SGR76 76" 790 lbs. 2900 psi 50-100 HP
SGR76ML 76" 740 lbs. 2900 psi 20-100 HP
Manufacturer reserves right to make changes in specifications.