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Valby SGR48 Skidding Grapple

Valby SGR48 Skidding Grapple

Mechanical Frame Lock

The SGR48 is designed for compact tractors and requires only one set of hydraulic lines. This one set of lines is used to open and close the grapple. This tractor grapple has a mechanical lock to hold the grapple in place while transporting empty. When the frame is unlocked it provides a floating position that enables the tractor to turn.

Bypass Tractor Grapple

The modern bypass grapple is an improvement over the clamp grapples. The Valby Tractor Grapples are unique in that the jaws bypass each other. The form of the bypass grapple provides for easy roll in of the logs. The logs are then held firmly in place because the load is supported from all directions by the bypass jaws The Valby SGR48 Grapple converts a compact tractor into a productive forest machine.


The skidding grapple is your best choice when you can get to your material with a tractor. The SGR48 also works well on uneven terrain with the help of the sliding top link. The link allows the grapple to float up and down as well as left and right during transport allowing less stress on the tractor, grapple and three point hitch. The ruggedness of the grapple enables multiple tree length stems to be skidded out at one time.

Transport of Stems

The Valby Tractor Grapple has a heal bar so small stems, stacks of pulp wood, brush, ans slabs can be lifted clear off the ground. A butt plate also protects the tractor from these stems. This feature keeps the material clean and transfers the weight to the rear tires for added traction.

Durable Design

The entire grapple is designed to endure years of professional use. The jaws of the SGR48 are also reinforced for added strength. Every moving point has a grease fitting and all hinge points have bronze bushings for added durability. The best feature on the Valby SGR48 is the front hinge point located close to the tractor. This forward hinge point allows the tractor to make turns while dragging material. The forward hindge point also has a built-in stop stop which prevents the grapple from turning at an angle of greater than 30 degrees. This feature helps prevent the grapple and material from coming in contact with the rear tires of your tractor.


The grapple mounts on the three point hitch of any Category I tractor between 20 and 50 horsepower. The tractor should be equipped with front end weights. The grapple also has a parking stand to aid in the hook-up and disconnecting of the tractor grapple.

Skidding grapples work best in clear-cuts. If you are working on hills, wet, or slippery terrain, or if you wish to reduce damage to the stand by selective cutting, there is equipment that will work better than the skidding grapple. The VALBY SGR48 is built rugged enough for any material your compact tractor can handle. The VALBY SGR48 Tractor Grapple carries a one year parts warranty.